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Photography Exhibition 

/Maya Meshel


Hosted by

La'Aretz Foundation


@ Eden Gallery

Soho NYC + Miami Beach FL

Honoring the complexities of female narratives in war photography captured through the lens of Maya Meshel

The La’Aretz Foundation Women’s Event features the captivating work of Maya Meshel, a distinguished photojournalist based in Israel known for her impactful documentary projects.


The exhibition centers on the human aspects of individuals profoundly affected by the “October 7th” war, with a focus on women; from families impacted by the attack, to mothers of hostages held in Gaza, and women soldiers. Maya’s lens also highlights those who tragically lost their loved ones in the war. 


The exhibition promises to preserve the significant feminine narratives that deserve to be remembered worldwide.

Limited edition photographs are available for purchase exclusively. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to the reserve families of Unit 669.

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