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La'Aretz Foundation Provides Emergency Aid For

Families affected
By the Oct 7th attack

our mission

Together We Stand

At La'Aretz foundation, our mission is to provide humanitarian support to Israelis and Jews abroad in cases involving Aliya and the return to Israel. We aim to make Israel a home for all Jewish people, regardless of their circumstances.

We understand that this often involves supporting vulnerable communities and coming together in times of need.

Currently, our fellow citizens in Israel are in need of our support.

We are dedicated to providing a direct deposit of $2,500 to each affected family, to help them navigate through this difficult period.


Every donation,
Saves lives.

"La’Aretz", a non-profit organization supporting Israelis and Jewish people around the world.


In the past year, we've provided humanitarian support to Israelis and Jews abroad in cases involving Aliya and the return to Israel.

However, following the events of October 7th, we have started providing assistance for the war effort - from flying Israeli reserves of the IDF, to supplying military equipment to Israel.

Now, we are providing direct support to families in Israel affected by the attacks.

The affected families are those who have lost their homes during the attack, or families whose primary breadwinners have been killed.


After thorough verification by our team, we are providing each family with a total of $2,500, that goes directly to the family members, without passing through any other organization.

About us

Why donating to La'Aretz is better than donating to other organizations?

Connection to the Families

We maintain a direct connection with the Welfare Departments in the affected regions, kibbutzim, and cities in Israel. This connection enables us to identify affected families and provide assistance accordingly.


We are proud to inform you that we can provide each donor with the name of the family they have helped. Your support can make a significant impact, and we are committed to transparency in our efforts.


La’Aretz is the only organization in the US providing direct support to the families. We are able to do so thanks to team of volunteers who is in touch directly with the family members.

Tax Deductible

Your donation is tax-deductible, La'Aretz is a New York-based 501(c)(3) charitable organization


This is the time
to support & help

Together, we are helping families survive, live, and recover.

see what some of the families we've helped have to say -

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WhatsApp Image 2023-11-14 at 05.10.12 (1)
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"We don't know how to even begin to rebuild our lives. I am sure our spirits will never be whole again, but now, what will help us the most is financial help.”
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Thank you for your generous support!

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Every single donation has the power to transform lives.


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Our team

Our People

Our team is led by a group of professionals, each with expertise in various fields

Mike Pitman

Co-founder & President

Shelly H. Pitman

Co-founder & Executive Director

Sivan Michaeli

Finance manager

Shani Saadia

Chief operating officer

Talya Dayan

Program manager

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Director of Marketing operations

Maya Korogodsky
Peri Greenspoon

Fundraising Consultant

IMG-20171125-WA0021_4 (1).jpg
Nir Sarid

Chief of staff

Nathan Malkoukian

Advisory board member

Shlomi Turgeman

Advisory board member

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-29 at 4.32.45 PM.jpeg
Gal Nevo

Donor Relations

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